WooCommerce Demo

Congratulations, you decided to check out the WooCommerce demo store! Using a live site and background information, I will give you the best WooCommerce demo there is.

To let you have a WooCommerce demo experience that is as close as possible to running a real store, I’ve set up Let’s Make Some Coffee¬†

Even though it is technically a WooCommerce demo site, you can actually still buy the products you see. I partnered up with Amazon so they will handle shipping & payments.

If you want to know how you can build your own WooCommerce store, just scroll a bit further (Hint: WPEngine is taking care of the speed ūüôā

WooCommerce Demo
Let’s open the WooCommerce demo!

Want to know how this WooCommerce demo was build?

Blazing Fast Hosting

The WooCommerce demo store (LetsMakeSomeCoffee.com), is hosted by WP Engine .

Their combination of high performance, nearly 100% up time and constant reliability makes them my preferred provider. And trust me, I have tried a lot of hosting providers.

Want to compare? Check out their Speed Comparison Tool !

Compare your site with WP Engine
  • Amazing performance
  • Best in Class Support
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Rock-Solid Reliability
  • Powerful Security Measures
  • Easy Backup Management
  • They never disappoint!

WPEngine Alternatives

WPEngine is my recommended provider due to having a perfect history with them, but I don’t want to limit you in your choice of WordPress hosting provider. Below you will find a list of excellent WordPress hosting companies. All listed companies have an excellent track record when it comes to speed, reliability and support and I fully recommend you give them a try.

Flywheel is a relatively young WordPress hosting company, but they seem to know what they’re doing. Initially geared towards developer/designers, they are now making their pricing¬†and services more friendly for all types of companies.

Pricing starts at $15 a month for 1 site.

  • Friendly priced starter plans
  • Convenient staging area
  • Free demo sites, pay only for live sites
  • Free migrations to Flywheel
  • No CDN included on lower priced plans
  • No SSL support included on lower plans
Get hosted by Flywheel!

Originally just-another-shared-hosting-company, A2 Hosting   has now become a major contender in the WordPress hosting arena. They offer various stages of optimization and very competitive pricing.

Pricing   starts at $12,99 a month for unlimited sites and enhanced performance.

  • Lowest priced WordPress hosting
  • Impressive performance measures
  • Railgun optimizer included for low fee
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth (FUP)
  • Slower support times
  • Free migration, but only for Cpanel
Get hosted by A2!


Pagely has been around for almost 10 years, and along with WPEngine they’re one of the biggest players in the world. Their hosting plans don’t come cheap, but are packed full with performance and security enhancements.

Pricing starts at $24 a month for 1 site.

  • Datacenter locations all over the globe
  • Advanced caching and security systems
  • CDN included on all plans
  • Extremely fast (on par with WPEngine)
  • Pricier when running more than 1 site
  • No staging on lower plans
Get hosted by Pagely!

Great Theme

The WooCommerce demo store (LetsMakeSomeCoffee.com ) is using the Retro theme .

You can find this theme as well as hundreds of magnificent WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest , which is my go-to place for almost any type of theme.

Why did I choose the Retro theme? Well, it has the right look for this type of site (coffee beverages). It’s also well coded and has tons of customizations.

Hit the buttons to learn more about Retro or check out the hundreds of other WooCommerce themes (which won’t cost you an arm and a leg )

Browse for WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest

Proudly Hosted By:

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

Clever Plugin

All the products shown in the WooCommerce demo (LetsMakeSomeCoffee.com) are loaded and managed by the amazing WooZone plugin . WooZone is an advanced plugin for making maximum use of the Amazon affiliate program.

Using WooZone you can easily import hundreds or even thousands of products from Amazon, including product images, description and even customer reviews.

WooZone let your visitors add products to their WooCommerce shopping cart, just like a normal e-commerce store. However, if your visitors want to check out they are redirected to the Amazon shopping cart, along with their chosen products.

Get the the WooZone plugin! 

Browse for WooCommerce Plugins on ThemeForest

And How About This Page?

X-Theme   is simply the best theme for creating any type of WordPress website, including perfect sales pages. In fact, this specific page is a good example of a X-Theme demo page!

Get X-Theme!

WP Engine Fastest Managed WordPress Platform

Yes, WPEngine ¬† is rocking the show here¬†ūüôā WPEngine = Great performance Excellent support Incredible reliability¬†

Get Hosted by WPEngine

This WooCommerce Demo is brought to you by Build Your Own Web Store

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