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Congratulations, you decided to check out the Magento demo store! After running a Magento demo store myself, I decided to make a change a shift my focus to WooCommerce sites. On this page you will find links to some excellent demo’s along with excellent resources to run your own Magento shop.

Magento Commerce is an perfect system if you want to run a professional web store with tons of useful e-commerce functionality. But running it can be troublesome, and you’re best of handing over the technical nitty-gritty to a specialized hosting provider. I listed one of the best Magento hosting providers to get you started (hint: It’s A2 Hosting).

If you want to keep your initial costs down, you probably want to use a Magento theme. You’ll find those too. I wish you all the best in running your own Magento shop!

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Magento 1.9 Demo Store – Frontend

About the Magento 1.9 Demo Store

Magento 1.9 is the current version of Magento Commerce. Below you will find 2 different Magento 1.9 demo’s which are both running on the default theme (which is responsive).

The first listed demo is hosted by A2 Hosting, and it is very fast. A2 Hosting offers various Magento hosting packages: Shared, VPS and dedicated. They also offer various performance imsprovements which contribute to the lightning fast loading speeds.

A2 Hosting is relatively low priced. Check out their range of Magento hosting products here.


Magento Demo #1

Hosted by Lexiconn

Magento Demo #2

Magento Admin Demo

About the Magento Admin Demo

The Magento admin might be one of the most complex administration interfaces you’ve ever seen. Everything is massive, from adding products to changing settings.

If you are into detailed product configuration, Magento will be your new best friend. This is almost nothing that can be done with description, pricing rules and attributes.

It takes time to properly set up your store. One product could take you up to an hour before you’ll find it perfect. Its complexity gives you enormous freedom, but you can get confused quite easily.

Go get to good feel of Magento, be sure to check out the Magento admin demo and browse around bit.

Get a great Magento theme!

You can find the best Magento themes on ThemeForest, the leading marketplace for any type of website theme.

For a low price you can get the most professional Magento theme. Not only do these themes look great, they often have added functionality to improve the user experience.

A non-customized Magento theme is a perfect way of starting your Magento shop without facing thousands of dollars in development fees. When your shop gets successful you still might decide to have your own custom theme developed, but at least you know by then that you have a winner in your hands.

So be sure to check out ThemeForest if you want your Magento shop to look awesome.

Browse for WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest

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